When les Deux Messieurs met… Rosemary Shrager

Interview with Rosemary Shrager interview-with-rosemary-shrager-cookery-school-les-deux-messieurs My secret gem of a place to stay in the UK is Rudding Park in North Yorkshire. They are so friendly, the rooms are fabulous and they have a gorgeous spa which is a must.

The three things I never travel without are my dryer-cum-rollers, they are essential! My cookery school brochures, and my chef whites.

The monsieur I would love to go on holiday with  is Bradley Walsh, he makes me laugh all time.

The travel experience I’ll never forget took place about two months ago – I went to Leeds to cook a private dinner for Yorkshire Air Ambulance. They flew me up in a small airplane and on the way back I flew myself for 50 minutes! It was the most wonderful experience.

The places I rely on are Juliet’s in Tunbridge Wells for breakfast; Koffmans at the Berkley for lunch in London; and  dinner at The Ledbury in Ledbury Street London is the best.

My music of choice at the moment is Jack Johnson; I love his music. I find it very calming.

I always get inspired by new flavours and combinations; it could be in a market or reading something.

I like to shop in the markets early in the morning; my favourite is the fish market.

I have a few people whom I really respect. I think Michel Roux Junior for what he has done for the chef image, Pierre Koffman has to be one of the most talented classic chefs of our time. I also like Brett Graham who has progressed into a truly inspirational chef.

What excites me most about my work is discovering new things, you never stop learning.

One of the things I love about my area is the architecture in the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells. You can just walk out of the Corn Exchange and it’s beautiful. I also love the food markets at weekends in fact this place is buzzing!

The dish that epitomises Tunbridge is Apple Pie, this is the garden of apples.


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