When les Deux Messieurs Met Eric Lanlard

We talked Bond, baking, and travelling into space…

Which Monsieur would you most like to travel with?

It would have to be Monsieur Bond! Daniel Craig as James Bond is my favourite. Elegance, huge sex appeal and of course a lot of unpredictable action in amazing locations!

Whenever we arrive somewhere, the first thing we do is make tea. Do you have any travel rituals?

When arriving in a hotel room the first thing I do is play my music, set up the bathroom with all my grooming essentials and place my white crew T on the pillow ready for the night. Now the room feels like home…

Christmas is coming; what’s the perfect present for the man who has everything?

A bespoke eau de toilette or perfume created by Roja Dove from the male perfume bar at Harrods …that’s exclusive and luxury! [Fortuitously, you can learn more about this in our gift guide – Ed]

Some people get stressed about Christmas cooking, do you have any tips for taking the pressure off?

It’s all about being organised and not trying to be too ambitious. Keep it simple and share the tasks; ask your guests to bring the pudding, cheeses or starters to make your life easier. Nothing’s worse than a stressed host!

We’re looking forward to discovering more amazing places to stay in 2013. What are you looking forward to?

For the first time I will be working on cruise ship with P&O Cruises, doing demos and baking classes at sea. It’s a great opportunity to see many places in a short period of time. And maybe I’ll fly to space if the Virgin Galactic project is ready!

Some places don’t always live up to expectation – have you ever had any travel-related disasters?

The most common disasters are related to hotel bedrooms. Some hotels think it’s clever to give you a rubbish room from the start, so I’ve been known to ask to see a few rooms before checking in. I keep a log of my favourite rooms around the world so there are no nasty surprises when rebooking.

I am quite grounded which is nice and looking at bad behaviour of other people keeps me even more so. My biggest feeling is being proud of my achievements so far, and enjoying them…with the occasional diva tantrum!

We’re a happy couple but some of our readers are looking for Monsieur Right. What would you bake to win a man’s heart?

My Pear Tarte Tatin. At home I like to keep both my cooking and baking simple – serve this rustic dessert straight out of the oven, steaming hot with its delicious juices oozing, and it will win any heart!

Catch Eric on his show, Baking Mad on 4od, or at his pop-up Christmas Cake Boy shop at Jumeirah Carlton Tower’s GILT Cocktail Lounge from Friday 14 to Saturday 15 December 2012, 11-4pm, or at his Cake Boy boutique and baking school in London.

Eric’s book Tart it Up is out now.

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