Shucks, sweetie!

Few foods are as romantic as oysters. A known aphrodisiac, the very act of slurping them from the shell is both sexy and seductive; no wonder history’s most famous lover, Casanova, was reputed to eat 50, yes 50, for breakfast.


What could make for a more perfect date then than an informal class learning all about oysters at the swish Soho outpost of top oyster farmers and wholesalers Wright Bros? From Monday to Thursday at 6pm, Wright Bros’ debonair MD, Robin Hancock, takes groups of no more than ten through the history and science of oyster farming, introducing and explaining different varieties and debunking some of the myths about these moreish marine molluscs.

Take your beloved along and together you’ll discover if oysters should only be eaten in months containing an ‘R’; why size 0 is a bigger than size 4; and how to shell (or ‘shuck’) your very own oysters. Under Robin’s attentive tutelage you’ll shuck half a dozen various varieties, after which you’ll get the chance to enjoy them along with a glass of delicious Gaston Chicquet champagne.

Wright Bros restaurant

We can’t guarantee that your lover will turn into a Casanova, but the class certainly left us feeling even-more-than-usually amorous.

Wright Bros Soho oyster shucking classes are great value at just £20 per person; and classes include six oysters and a glass of champagne. To book, call 020 7434 3611. class in London

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