So Totally Tautz

TautzThere’s a world.  Another world.  A world far from here.  A changed world, free from the old order.  Free from the shackles of government and political ideologies – concepts questioned, challenged and ultimately overthrown by a new vanguard.

And out of the resulting disorder came new order.  And this world became a good place.  A place of balance, constancy and peace.  A world free from class and subjugation, free from the self-interest of vanquished sovereigns.  A world of unity and new ideals, a place of aesthetic education.  And in this place the masses came together as one, united in their beliefs and true to their new faith – the ‘one true style.’ And the faithful are safe, for they are good and the good shall always be protected.


Protected by ‘Defenders of the Faith’ a legion of caped men learned in the writings of Schiller and Goethe.  And with their all seeing eye they guard the one true style, keeping it pure, keeping it free the creations of self-thought.  And this world is a new world.  A good world.  A world called E. Tautz.

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Words – Anders White @mranderswhite

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