London Collections Men: Hardy Amies

Stand-out style we love.

Hard-AmiesHe walks with confidence, the Hardy Amies man. He smiles at his inner peace. A peace that comes from no longer struggling to determine who he is and what he’s about. It’s been a long journey but he has arrived. And he looks at one. Content. Wise. But he can’t tell you how to get there, because it comes from experiencing life. Trying, pushing, changing and evaluating ’til he finally pauses at a place of balance. At a bridge between the old and the new, the singular and the mass, the style and the trend. He has learnt to serve the two masters of time, that which has gone and that which will come. And he understands his place in the world, that, as an individual, he has his own voice but must talk like others if he is to achieve true success. With a respect for the sartorial heritage that came before and an eye on the future, he looks to tailoring proportions that speak a modern silhouette yet still hold credibility in the eye of his classical peers. And here he finds it. His unknown destination. A place he has come to rest. A place he now calls home. Hardy Amies.

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